Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hidden Barbie Store

I'm sure most of you know from the shop page, but there is a hidden store for Barbie now. Will you buy anything? xoxo Emmie

Barbie Club Spoiler

There is a brand new spoiler, this time, for the Barbie Club. xoxo Emmie

Dollie of the Week: PrincessZ43

Recently, there has been a lot of pretty people but Zeba (her name) is particularly one. She made her account in 2007 and she is a royalty.
She is wearing :
Nolita Moto Jacket - Bonjour Bizou
Light Cutoff Shorts - Bonjour Bizou
Tribal Stencil Top - Original Future
Knee sport socks - Rio
Diamond Ring - Rio
Tennis Shoes - Evil Panda

I will be doing this every week so watch out if you are made the Dollie of the Week xoxo

Childline Bear Freebie

If you live in the UK just click here.

If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a web proxy, go to: or

Paste into the url bar.

Log in and then paste this into the URL bar of the proxy:

Now, you'll have your teddy bear in your suite.

Jessie Helecopter Freebie

If you live in the UK just click Here
If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a web proxy, go to: or or 

Paste into the url bar and log in, now paste and the helicopter will be in your suite. xoxo Emmie

Japan Shirt

Just go to
Xoxo Emmie

Amy Diamond Items

Just join the club of Amy Diamond here. You must be a level 8 to join a club, so if you aren't, sadly you cannot get this freebie until you are a level 8. xoxo Emmie

Simpler way to get Free items
This should help better because I can't post all of the free items, so just go there. Thanks, xoxo Emmie

Free Sew Zoey Dress

Not another Superstar Dress, you guessed? Well, you are wrong, now it's completely free!
In the Usa, you have it already.If not, use these proxies: OR OR
Paste into the url bar and now wait for your dress to arrive! xoxo Emmie

Free Furbies

If you currently live in France, just log into your account.
If you are from anywhere else, now is time to use a manual proxy. To use one, follow this guide:
Use any of these:
IP: Port: 3128
IP: Port: 80
IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 80
IP: Port: 8080


Log in to your account and go here ;

Next, watch 3 videos from the club.

Lastly, make sure you have a French Friend, then invite them. Now you will have all the furbies xoxo Emmie

Free Logan Lerman Doll you are currently in the USA, you have it already. If not, you will have to use a proxy. Go to or or , I do not guarantee safeness in proxies though. Paste into the url bar and then log back in like you normally would and there, you now have this freebie!

New OtherWorld

They also released a new interior :
Will you buy anything? I like the animals. xoxo Emmie

New Archive!

I'm not sure when but Stardoll, sometime today, released a new Archive Collection! Do you like it? I love the denim stuff, like always, hehe. xoxo Emmie

Ramadan Items

Well, I couldn't supply everything else because this blog was made later on BUT I have all the locations.
Sandals :

Dress :

Clutch :

Still available, but it's going soon!